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Activities are an important part of ESL classrooms because elicit students to use the target language without realizing that they are speaking in another language. Activities and games are a funny and enjoyable way to practice and learn, that’s why they have to be present all the time in our classes.

When to use them…

Activities can be used as an additional practice for the language points taught.  They allow students to practice what they have learnt. Also, activities can be used at the beginning of a new topic to reinforce previous learned language points or even later on when learners are working in the next topic. Activities also bring to the classroom a fun way to closure a lesson when there is enough class time. Activities can be a useful diagnostic tool to realize how well learners have learned the language and what are their weaknesses.

How to use them….

The secret of the activities depends on appropriate classroom management. And something very important is that all the material you invest in the activities can be recycled for further versions of the same activity or topic. The format of the activity is better to show it than explain it, because learners will understand better from seeing the teacher or other students modeling the activity. Set the time to be done and the teacher should be monitoring the students’ performance, also helping with vocabulary. During the activity the teacher can notice common errors to be reviewed later.

Here there is a web page where you can find many games and activities:



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  1. Applying activities in our classes is the best way to create interest in the target language. I agree with the fact that there are many situations we need to handle with, but in my opinion we have to think about the ones that can help us to manage the classroom behavior and at the same time, leave some knowledge in our students. We can achieve our goal by planning our class according with the resources we have in our teaching area. Doing a good lesson plan, it could be easier to apply different activies inside or outside the classroom and have better results every day.

  2. I like your idea about recycling the marerial we use in the activities we design for the classroom Viry. Working in material design for the activities can become exaustive if we are not organized.
    I also believe it is important to design activities that are practical and that have a meaningful aim and as you said it is important to take into account the resources we have available.
    Yes, there is and enless lists of games to use in the classroom and we need to take advantage of that, all we need is just creativity

  3. Hello Viry. I share your ideas about working with material for different activities. Working this way give life to the class…they feel like doing someting their doing something by their own. I can imagine you doing these in your class, I really wish to be there.
    The video is refreshing, you give lot of ideas.

    Thanks. 🙂

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