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Whit the proliferation of new technology English teachers has the opportunity to take advantage of all this useful tools which make English learning interesting and motivating. For example the use of authentic videos in EFL classroom has become a practical material to work on. There is a great variety of videos to choose from. Besides that, the use of videos gets students to the exposition of real language use.

Videos have proven to be a very good tool for educators, and here we have some reasons to support this statement:

-Videos provide the opportunity to experience students the target language in a more natural context.

-Language is presented in a less structured way.

-Students has the opportunity to learn in a more interactive and participative way, while maximizing their cognitive skills.

– Video materials can help to overcome obstacles to interaction such as physical location and the lack of opportunities to meet native speakers.

Stempleski (1987) states that, “a rich and exciting source of video software for EFL/ESL classes is authentic material.”  Authentic video material, especially that which represents what goes on in a non ELT environment, designed for its entertaining value rather than language teaching, is a rich and exciting source of video software for instruction in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. Videos can help students to improve their communicative language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Also by using videos students increase their fluency in process of language learning because of the constant interaction with native speakers.

Video can be a powerful tool as an engaging delivery system, especially when used as part of an active learning approach. Video can also be an extremely effective intrinsic motivator. Video does have a meaningfully and positive impact on student motivation and interest.






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  1. Let me tell you what I think when using videos in the classroom. There are many reasons to use videos, probably one of the most important is that the pronunciation is native, and that is good because our students are going to acquire the language in its natural way. Another reason to use videos is that they are interesting to the pupils, specially if you have teenagers.

  2. Good post Viry, I find in videos a very practic use of the technology in favor of education. They are very attactive for students. I preffer the use of videos that te students suggest me because they are experts on what is the newest movie, cartoon or character. Another kind of video that I like to use with my students are music videos, as you know I like music a lot. Thanks for your post. Avientôt.

  3. You mentioned about real context and authentic materias, abording these concepts, videos fit perfectly. also students enjoy them a lot when they approach about their personal context . There are lots of videos but we hae to be careful hwhen we chose them for a class. To abuse the use of these material can make students lots interest on the real learnig, it is just one tool. I write about that becuase i have seen some colleges using videos almost every class. well is my personal point of view. Viry as always your recoemendations are very useful and interesting also refreshing. Thaks a lot 🙂

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