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Whit the proliferation of new technology English teachers has the opportunity to take advantage of all this useful tools which make English learning interesting and motivating. For example the use of authentic videos in EFL classroom has become a practical material to work on. There is a great variety of videos to choose from. Besides that, the use of videos gets students to the exposition of real language use.

Videos have proven to be a very good tool for educators, and here we have some reasons to support this statement:

-Videos provide the opportunity to experience students the target language in a more natural context.

-Language is presented in a less structured way.

-Students has the opportunity to learn in a more interactive and participative way, while maximizing their cognitive skills.

– Video materials can help to overcome obstacles to interaction such as physical location and the lack of opportunities to meet native speakers.

Stempleski (1987) states that, “a rich and exciting source of video software for EFL/ESL classes is authentic material.”  Authentic video material, especially that which represents what goes on in a non ELT environment, designed for its entertaining value rather than language teaching, is a rich and exciting source of video software for instruction in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. Videos can help students to improve their communicative language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Also by using videos students increase their fluency in process of language learning because of the constant interaction with native speakers.

Video can be a powerful tool as an engaging delivery system, especially when used as part of an active learning approach. Video can also be an extremely effective intrinsic motivator. Video does have a meaningfully and positive impact on student motivation and interest.






Studying the Ba in TESOL

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Being a student of the BA is one of the greatest experiences I have lived, I never thought being here at this age and with these beautiful people who are my partners. Studying at LEI DEM Yuriria has helped me a lot to improve my English and become a better person that is thanks to my friends.

Although, it is very difficult being student and working at the same time, It serves to realize that life is not easy and we have to do our best , so I get to the conclusion that even I enjoy getting up earlier, going to bed very last because of the homework.

What I  expect from the BA is being a good teacher to do my job as better as I can, and give my learners all what I have learnt here to be a professional in English Education and not just a common teacher.